Sunday, October 11, 2009

Albertsons shopping

Last week we had a class at my house on couponing and how to take advantage of sale items using the coupons. So this past week I set out with coupons in hand and a handy shopping list, thanks to, I went to Albertsons to see how much I could save. My goal for this trip was to not spend over $20. Well I left the store having spent $25.58 which wasnt that bad and I think mainly I went over because I didnt have coupons for all the sale items due to low ink and I couldnt find all the coupons. So I redeemed $12.75 in coupons which I have had a higher coupon amount in the past but Im pretty happy with what I spent/saved and brought home. Below is a picture of all that I got.


Noni said...

Josette, what is the music that plays on your blog? I love it.

Josette said...

Hey Noni, I have a bunch of different songs. If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a playlist and you should be able to click on each song to see what the name is, who sings it and you should be able to play it. Im glad you like it. Most of the time when Im on the computer I sign onto my blog just to play the music.