Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 days of photos

Okay I decided to take the 365 day of photos challenge. Can I do it? Not sure but at least this will get me taking some pictures. Im going to try and follow the prompts from Gotta Pixels 365 challenge so we will see what turns up. I dont think I will post everyday but I will at least try to do a week at a time. So since Im starting 6 days behind I went around and took pics today.

Day 1: Take a picture of your neighborhood

Well I couldnt get out today so I decided to take a picture of one of my favorite hand made winter decorations. This was given to me by a lady I worked with 8 years ago.

Day 2: Toys

I took a picture of a doll my grandparents gave me. It was one of the last toys I remember getting from them. She is a very special doll.

Day 3: Take a pic of something you collect
These are kitchen fairies I just think they are so cute. Since I dont have little girls I thought I would collect something cute and girlie.

Day 4: Take a picture of yourself
Well thats not going to happen so I took a picture of Jonah when we were at the hockey game the other day so hes part of me so that counts right?

Day 5: Something Unique
Every year during christmas whenever we get christmas cards I have always put them on the back of our front door and every year people comment of what a great idea it is to do that. So I think its kinda unique.

Day 6: Where do you craft
This was a hard picture to take, its just the corner of my craft room and not the messest. My craft room is such a mess right now and I really want to organize it but I just dont have to time and tools to get in there and get it done. Maybe this will inspire me to get to work.

So now I am caught up lets see if I can keep it up.

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